Buddy is our PACSO mascot. Here we introduce our new fundraiser, Buddy’s numbers.

PACSO is launched “Buddy’s Numbers”: a monthly lottery (sometimes referred to as a 100 or 200 Club) in April 2018; but you can join at any time this year. The more people who play, the bigger the prizes!

Each entry to the draw will cost £2 per month and to cut down on administration will be payable annually in advance.  45% of tickets sales each month will be paid out as cash prizes with the remaining 55% going direct to PACSO.  The more people who buy tickets/numbers the greater the prizes. This is an exciting way to raise money for PACSO, whilst also standing a very good chance of winning some prize money for yourself and your loved ones – go on, treat yourself!

To join our scheme, please download an Application Form here.

For more information on our rules and regulations, see here.


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